CampCo Day Camps

Summer 2021
Hiring begins March 2021


CampCo Day Camps is seeking fun, energetic, outgoing, dedicated people who love working with kids to work Summer 2020.  Many of our staff return to work at CampCo for multiple summers throughout their high school and college careers.  Learn life skills for your future career and make great memories that will last a lifetime!

Here’s what previous Summer’s Staff said about working at CampCo:

I loved the experiences and different types of kids.  I was able to develop my childcare skills and learn exciting new activities that children responded well to. I very much enjoyed the wide-array of activities, the consistent ones and the varied ones.  The days flew by and I didn’t mind working the long hours because everything kept me busy and engaged.  The other counselors were like-minded and I made friends out of all the them.  Management was a tremendous and encouraging presence at camp and the support was greatly appreciated.

I loved working with kids and being able to build good relationships with them all summer.  I also really enjoyed working with my co-workers.  Going into this job, I knew absolutely no one and they made work a lot of fun.  I am interested in studying Child Development after high school and it was really cool to be able to hang out with them.  I was able to learn a lot!

I became a ‘leader’ this summer.  At the beginning of this summer, I was very quiet and didn’t know how to be the kids leader.  I learned to become more authoritative.

I learned how to take different approaches when talking to kids and how to discipline.

I learned more about how to talk to parents and how to handle different situations.  I am way more confident in my leadership abilities.

The days go by really fast which is fun.  The open-air, friendly atmosphere and different themes each day made it really fun, also.  I really like the array of activities.

I loved working with my co-workers and I loved the kids! 

Working here showed me how interactions with each child needs to be specialized and there is no perfect way to act with all the campers. I felt appreciated working at CampCo.  The snacks and parties made me feel cared for as a worker.

I really liked getting to know my co-workers and meet more young adults who are in similar stages of their lives.


Ideally, incoming High School Senior or Graduate.  Ideally, some college experience. Experience working or volunteering at camps, childcare/babysitting, afterschool programs, or similar programs. Available to work the majority of weekdays during the summer.  Shift times vary; most shifts are 6-9 hours sometime between 7:30am-6:15pm. 

(Run a camp and supervise staff)

At least one year of college experience, ideally with courses in a teaching, child development or recreation related field. At least one year leading a camp, afterschool program or similar youth program


Experience working as a school teacher, teaching assistant or similar type of position


At least at least 3 seasons experience working at a summer day camp counselor, childcare program or similar position. Available to work the majority of weekdays during the summer, 7:30am-4:15pm.  Site Director should be flexible to work longer hours, as needed, and should expect to work until 5pm or later during the first week of camp.