Campers Say the Funniest Things

Lets go through the Family Tree
"Julia, Your uncle is here to pick you up"
"That's not my uncle, that's just some guy who is my dad's brother."

Am I a Craft?
Rachel applying sunscreen on a campers face,

"Why are you putting glue on my face? Am I a craft?"

The Next "American Idol"
LMVA North Beach Camper Lauren discussing her concerns about her future singing career:

"Um, remember when you said I would be "discovered" while singing

in the shower and make million$ ?.... People might see me NAKED!"

What a Rip-Off!
The lights in the boys' restroom weren't working during an evening Pajama Party, so the Sr. Recreation Leader told a boy camper, age 9, to use the girls' restroom.  After washing his hands, he loudly commented,

" You have to pay 25 cents for a napkin??!

They're free over there!"  (Pointing to the paper towel dispenser)

How Embarrassing...
Camper Samantha unexpectedly took her hand and rubbed it on Staff Member Jessica's leg and said,

"Your leg feels like a beard.  You should shave."

Samantha, Age 6

We all do it...

Camper:   (Cough-cough) “Excuse me, I burped.”
Staff:        “Cameron, that wasn't a burp, it was a cough.”

Camper:   “No, I burped from my butt.”

Cameron, Age 3

Is there a doctor in the house?

Ryan:      "My sister's getting shots."
Morgan:   "That means she's dead."

Ryan, 4 and Morgan, 4

Daddy's Little Girl...

While campers were making sleeping masks for the theme of Pajama Day, one little girl said...

"Good, I can wear this mask when I meet boys,

so I don't have to look at them….  Except my Dad!"

Lake Mission Viejo Little Folks Camper, Age 4

Say What???

About a half-hour after arriving at camp at the Marriott Kids' Club, a little boy asked...
“If this is a camp, where are the beers?”
(Say What??? After questioning from staff, we finally realized he meant “bears”).

Camper at LCM Kids' Club, Age 5

Going to the Chapel...

Camper:   “Who are you married to?
Staff:       “No one.”

Camper:   “Why not? Haven't picked him yet??

Jacob, Age 4

It's going to be a Tough Day...

After trying to calm a particularly wild group of campers who seemed to have difficulty keeping their bottoms on the benches:
Staff:          “What's today's theme?”

Camper:     “Sit Down.”

Ladera Ranch Founders Park Camper

Overheard at Song Time...

Singing to “The Farmer in the Dell”...The Farmer Isabelle, The Farmer Isabelle…”
Isabelle V., Age 3

While going over pool rules ...

"If there is a fire in the pool, you need to get out!
Matthew, Age 5