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Feedback from our Customers!

Tomorrow is the last day of first grade. I feel happy Becaus I am going to see Camron and Ty at campco. It is so much fun. I Love campco you can go on boats and go in the lake and a fish thats named big bob and he has a girlfriend and there is a playgrond. It is just a tier (tire). At the end of the day you can go fishing before that you can get ice cream at campco. If you ar a little you don't sta for a little bit but If you are you sta get to go on boats. Journal writting from child school -Brady

Hi Sylvia, Today is my son's first day at Mission Viejo Lake Campco. I am a bit nervous because of his food allergies, but thanks to you and Kinder in large part, I felt very prepared and supported. Kinder has walked me through the food activities and has been very thorough and reassuring. I appreciate this very much. I also want to mention that I met Logan at the lake this morning. He put me further at ease. He also shared that he is allergic to shellfish and addressed my questions patiently. I feel like my son is in very good hands with Logan as one of his counselors. Please let both of them know that it's not easy for a parent to just drop off their kids in a new environment, so I appreciate the extra TLC that I've been given. My son was fine - he instantly made new friends within the first 10 minutes. Thank you, Sylvia. Mrs. Han

Sylvia, I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know from a first time CampCo mom’s perspective. I was very nervous taking my 6 year old son, Max, because he had never been to a day camp before. He had always been in private school/daycare. Knowing Kinder and how fabulous she is made the transition a lot easier. I hope you know what a fantastic staff you have especially at Lake Mission Viejo. To start, during sign in, Jessica is always happy and outgoing – she remembers things that you tell her in passing and is a great director of first impressions! Next you have Luke and Logan helping for drop off – they know EVERY kid by name – which absolutely amazes me! To round out the interactions that I’ve had with the team – Maria and Christine – always give me such wonderful feedback on Max’s day and what he did and who he played with! They are fantastic and Max loves being in their groups! Lastly, Alyssa, is always so sweet at pick up and makes sure that all of the kids have what they need. You really do have a well-organized and supportive team! Great job from an extremely neurotic mom! All my best, Debbie Lewandowski

Thank you so much for the "Boo" treat at our house! It was very thoughtful & much appreciated! My son Sean really enjoys coming to your program at Tijeras Creek. The leaders are easy going & flexible and fun! He asks to attend more! Christine McBride

I wanted to thank you for providing this wonderful after school care opportunity at Don Juan. My daughters both enjoy coming to your CampCo after school and I really appreciate being able to pick them up when my schedule permits (and I miss all the busy traffic at normal pick up!) Best of all, when I pick them up both girls have all their homework done, reading done, played fun games outside and had a snack- what a bonus for busy parents! I'd recommend CampCo to anyone! Thank you! Kathe van Hoften

Sylvia,  My daughter talked about CampCo all year and cannot wait to go back. She is actually sad that we are spending the last week in June and the first week in July on the east coast as she would prefer to be at CampCo on the first day! Thank you for creating a wonderful camp environment. Elissa

Hello Mrs Sylvia, Thank you very much, my son Paolo had a lot of fun with the amazing staff at Lake Forest! A special thanks to the staff, who assisted him with the language and made him feel welcomed. He will remember the great games he played. Thanks, Anita

My experience with Campco has been nothing but spectacular. My son has attended the Preschool Education Program twice a week for the last two years and I can't say enough good things about our experience. It has been a wonderful alternative to a traditional preschool experience. The projects they do, the things they teach, and the attention he receives far exceed that of any preschool program I have seen. The hours are great and the value is unbeatable not to mention how wonderful the "counselors" are. He is always asking what day it is because he is so excited to go! From a mom's and a son's perspective, Campco is an A+ operation. We look forward to more Campco experiences in our future. Carrie S.

Hi Sylvia- My son and niece attended the summer camp in RSM (SAMLARC) this summer and had the best time. They are always asking if it is time to go back to CampCo yet? When the email came about the Little Elves' workshop they were so excited and we signed up right away. Your counselors are very enthusiastic and seem to truly enjoy being there with the kids all day. We look forward to summer at CampCo again and hope that Bethany will be there again. Thank you, Christina Mahr

Sylvia, The purpose of this letter is to commend Belen at your Lake Forest camp for the excellent care she has provided. In my opinion, her concern for the children in her care and especially my son was above and beyond the normal requirements. In this day where exceptional care has virtually disappeared, the work that Belen and her team provide should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate. What particularly impressed me about Belen was when my son had a bloody nose and she was not only able to stop the blood, but calm him down by telling him stories about when she got a bloody nose. In closing, I believe that Belen and the Lake Forest team truly deserve to be congratulated for providing a wonderful, safe and caring environment that goes well beyond normal expectations.

Sylvia, I really enjoyed meeting you this afternoon while picking up my two boys from CampCo (it is comforting to know that you have children and they also go to Camp!). Our boys have been attending the CampCo at Lake Forest Sun and Sail Club once or twice a week this summer I really want to commend you and your staff for running such an safe, efficient and fun environment for kids of all ages. I work part-time and mainly from home; however, there are days that I cannot avoid going into the office. Usually I find I need to go in first thing in the morning. Due to my husband's work schedule there are days that we need someone to watch our 4 and 6 year old boys. It could be for 3 hours or 8 hours... On a Monday one week and a Thursday the next. We have never been a family with a consistent schedule. CampCo's flexibility works so great for us! Each time I call with a question or concern, your knowledgeable staff has an answer. On top of that they are extremely pleasant and professional. Your camp counselors are caring and have so much energy. It really is amazing. Each counselor knows the children's names and is very observant. It is obvious that they care a lot about each child in their care We really want you and your staff to keep up the great work you all do each day. It means a lot to parents that need safe, flexible, fun and reliable child care. Thanks for taking the time to care for families in Orange County. Teri

To Whom It May Concern: My son Ryan was in summer camp at Lake Forest II on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I just wanted to let you know that all the girls were really great, but Roma in particular was exceptional. My son is shy and she really made him feel at ease. She always had a smile on her face and was very friendly and great with the kids. She is truly an asset to your team. Thanks for making Ryan's time at camp fun. A.C.

Hi Sylvia, I just wanted to let you know that this is Carly’s first week at CampCo and she is LOVING IT!!!!!!!!! She has asked us to pick her up later and later every day! Marvin picks her up by 3:30 and on Tuesday she said how about 4:00, yesterday it was 5:00, and today her request was 6 :00! She’s made a new friend and is having so much fun! She loves Ms. Jeannette and the Staff! It looks like I need to register her for August now (she was going to go to TLC for those 3 weeks) since she is having such a great time and doesn’t want to be anywhere else! Thank you so much for all you do to make our kids happy! Sandy

Hi Sylvia – J. Bird here from Ladera Ranch. I just wanted to let you know that the camp experience for my daughters was so positive. Michelle and Danielle were most often their leaders and the quality of leadership and responsible care was outstanding – big plus to you for your Hiring/selection process. I have always been a business owner so I appreciate and recognize the management level you must be providing. On a personal note… I work full time and I am a single parent – it important to me that my daughters are ALSO getting the most out of their day. Your Founders Park program was always consistent. Thank you ! This was our first year ( moved to LD from Laguna Niguel) and we look forward to more CampCo programs. The camp leaders were also talking to my older daughter about your CIT program (even though she only turns 12 in Nov) but it was their “vote of confidence” in her made her feel really good. Keep up the good work – it matters!! J. Bird

Hi Sylvia, Before I forget, I just wanted to personally say how impressed I am with the Camp Co. program in Ladera Ranch. From 9:00 am to 4:00pm your staff is so enthusiastic! There is no doubt they all enjoy being with the kids and show pride in their work. They are very professional with the way they handle the camp programs, not "hanging out" with their other counselors. They make certain the child is only picked up by the authorized adult and that is a huge comfort! Thank you for making Karli's summer such a blast! Caryn Co

My daughter was enrolled in five sessions of the Little Folks camp this summer, and I wanted to let you know that it was wonderfully run with a very caring and qualified staff. I felt my child was very safe and happy. I'm looking forward to enrolling her again next summer. Thank you to Teri and all of the staff! Linda Styles

To: Sylvia N. Rosenthal/CampCo Owner I am writing you this letter to express my sincere thanks and appreciation in regards to all you aranged for our kids this summer at E.B. (East Beach) of Lake Mission Viejo, a beach with great privacy and cozy atmosphere for the campers! I would also like to thank the Lake Mission Viejo Association for their cooperation in this regard and moreover, publishing and mailing the camps and events prior to summer vacation for the parents to schedule and look forward for their children's summer activities; working parents in particular. What played a major task for my daughter, Kimia, and me, and I am sure for the other parents as well, was the fact that we send in our kids to LMVA Camp "happy" and "healthy" each morning and received them "happy" and "healthy" at the end of the day. The counselors and assistants were not only extremely nice and sweet but also rendered excellent supervision. Last, but not least, my daughter and me wanted to thank Lauren Savage, Marie Lett, Scarlett Lealuga and Erin Wieghaus for their great approach, performance and control of our children this summer. Also, thanks to the CITs ( I assume that stands for "counselors in training") and all other employees for their efforts and assistance. K. Moezi

Dear Sylvia: Thank you for providing my kids with their “best summer ever”. My kids came home smiling from camp every day with new songs to sing and games to play. Their accounts of the day often made me laugh out loud. Your camp was everything a parent and child could hope it would be. The counselors were very responsible and courteous to me, and more importantly they were warm and enthusiastic with my kids. Although all of the counselors were wonderful, a few stuck out for me and my kids. Senior Counselor Margaret Dubel greeted me each morning and patiently answered all of my questions. She put me at ease with her maturity and happy smile. My kids also spoke fondly of Jen, Jeremy, Nina, Natalie, Ashley, and Nicole. My kids were often greeted with a warm hug and assistance out of the car. They also made adjustments for my son who was a young one in the group by allowing him to participate in the activities with which he was comfortable and hang back on other activities. In an age when both parents are working, it’s so nice to feel that my kids can still have a sense of what summer camp should be a time to run around, play, swim, goof off, and just be a kid. Thanks for so many great memories. We’ll see you again next summer and many more to come! With warm regards, Kristen Pitts