Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Staff who are working at the Camps?

Many CampCo Staff are off-season teachers, substitute teachers, college and high school students. Many staff are studying to be teachers, recreation professionals, or similar professions.

Since CampCo is a great place to work, many new staff tend to be family, friends and former co-workers of our returning Staff. We attempt to have an even number of male and female staff, although we often have more females due to the higher number of qualified female applicants.

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What sort of screening occurs prior to the Camp Staff being hired? What background checks are done on the Camp Staff?

Potential CampCo Staff participate in an intensive face-to-face interviews and a group interview where applicants will be asked to participate in active games as well as run their own game with the group. Those applying to be a Site Director will also participate in written projects. CampCo Management contacts several previous employers, references, professors, etc… Upon hire, CampCo. Staff are fingerprinted and must pass Department of Justice background checks before they can work with children.

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What sort of training do the Camp Staff receive?

All of our Camp Staff participate in a minimum of 30 hours of Training per year including Camp Games, Songs, Crafts and other Recreational Activities, CampCo Policies & Procedures, Child Abuse, CPR, First Aid, Basic Water Rescue and Emergency Situations, and other camp-related subjects. In addition, Site Directors will participate in an 8 hours of Management Training each year.

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What are the Ratios of Staff to Children?

For our School-age Camps for ages 5-12, the ratio is 1 adult for every 10 children. There are always a minimum of 2 staff scheduled, even if the camp only has enough children to require 1 staff (less than 10 children). One staff person will never work alone with one child.

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How far in advance do I have to register my child? Can we walk in?

You may fax-in registrations until 12pm the Friday prior to the week you would like you child to attend on a space available basis. Last-minute Online Registration is available until 7:45 on the day of camp for an additional $5 fee on a space available basis

Many of our camps are very popular and may fill early.  We recommend that you register early for our camps, so that you don't miss out.  If a camp is particularly popular, we highly recommend that you register on-line, as you will receive priority registration over those that are faxed in.

Walk in registrations will not be accepted.

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Can we arrive late or pick up early?

Campers are encouraged to arrive within 15 minutes of the camp start time so that everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy all of the day’s activities. It is especially important for campers to be on-time since we review the camp rules, make announcements and discuss the day’s activities at the start of the day. Campers who arrive at all different times throughout the morning may interrupt or delay activities. Parents of School-age who arrive past 10 minutes late also miss out on the convenient drive-through drop off and will be required to park and walk their child to camp.

If parents would like to pick up early, they should arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the end of the camp day. During the last 30 minutes of camp, staff is very busy doing closing activities with the campers and getting them ready for their parents to pick them up. If parents arrive during this time, it delays us in getting the remaining campers ready for their parents to pick them up. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Can my 6 and 8 year old children be in the same group at camp?

If both children are registered for the same camp, they would be together most of the day. Occasionally, children are divided into groups for certain activities (craft/game rotation and boats (LMVA), for example); if you would like them to be together for all activities, be sure to tell the staff on the child’s first day. Even better, write it on the registration form so that the Camp Staff will be notified before camp begins.

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I would like to bring a treat for the kids at camp, are there any restrictions?

Any food items for the children must be store bought and have a label on it. Please call ahead to ask for allergies, etc... of campers currently on the roster.

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Where can I get detailed information specifically regarding my child's camp?

The Information letter is available on our website for each camp/class. Letters may be printed from the CampCo website where your child's specific camp is listed.

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My child must take prescription medications or carries an epi-pen during the camp day.  How is that handled?

All prescription medications brought to camp by campers must be given to the Site Director upon sign-in.  Parents should ask staff to return the medications at the end of each camp day. 

 Prescription medications must be in the 1) in the original, labeled container, or 2) in containers accompanied by specific written dispensing directions from a parent, legal guardian, or physician.  Parents must be very specific as to the times when medications are to be dispensed by staff.  Medications will be kept in a locked container at the campsite, or in some circumstances (ex. emergency epi-pens) may be kept in the Site Director/Staff’s bag that is kept on their person at all times.

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