CampCo Day Camps

About CampCo

CampCo is a full-service recreation provider that offers high-quality, fun, safe and educational youth programs for HOAs, cities, schools and other organizations throughout South Orange County. Current programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Summer Day Camps
  • After school ASES Grant programs
  • Physical education programs
  • Structured school recess activities

  • CampCo has been providing recreation services to South Orange County families since 1998, serving thousands of families over the past 20+ years. We have seen our young campers grow up through our programs, come back to work as CITs and staff, and eventually enroll their own children in our camps!

    CampCo Mission & Vision:
    Our mission for our programs is to provide safe, fun opportunities that allow campers to……..
  • Try new challenges, overcome obstacles & develop new skills. Grow throughout the season and from year-to-year.
  • Be silly, get dirty, show their creative side.
  • Meet new “camp friends” that they look forward to seeing again summer after summer.
  • Make memories that they will share with their own children, one day.

  • Additionally, specifically for our summer day camps….
  • Enjoy experiences that are normally available at a traditional sleepaway camp, without the worry and expense that may come with sending your child away overnight.

  • CampCo Owner Sylvia Rosenthal has worked in the field of Recreation since 1981 and has earned degrees in Recreation Administration and Business Administration. She lives in Mission Viejo with her two teenage children who have attended CampCo since before they were born.